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Marc Coucke turn back to Hein Vanhaezebrouck: “His interview was terrible, full of lies”

c9b60a1dd1adfb0b7d11640f244442c3 - Marc Coucke turn back to Hein Vanhaezebrouck: “His interview was terrible, full of lies”

Anderlecht-chairman Marc Coucke is back from a pleasant holiday in Vietnam. A vacation that was disturbed by all the hoopla around his Anderlecht. In Van Gils and Guests came he will go back to the hectic weeks that are purple and white knew and he gave ex-trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck single swipe from the pan. That had to last an explosive interview given. “Filled with lies,” said Coucke.

“The vacation was super”, opened a visible tanned Coucke. “But then occur a number of things… I have the match against Standard live seen. In the hotel they had a large screen set up and some employees of the hotel and some friends looked. They wanted to have a match seeing the team of one of their guests…”

The party was prematurely discontinued after the fans relentlessly with smoke bombs and flares up. Marc Couke and his policies were in the subsequent days of hard being criticized. “It is a very bad year”, gave Coucke readily admit. “We are the biggest club of the country, one million people will ‘Anderlecht’ answers when asked what their club is. The expectations are so high. We started strong, but then dropped away and was the football not good.”

Is it the fault of the president that it’s not running? “I was watching in Vietnam and asked myself where it is lost. I understand that they are disappointed, that people have a tattoo of Anderlecht, for them, is that their life. The fans have a lot of patience, unique. We have PO1 is reached, because they are so positive remained. But then an ex-coach (Coucke wanted the name of Hein Vanhaezebrouck will not name, red.) a terrible interview. Fully orchestrated, he knew perfectly what he wanted to say, and at what time. Revenge? I leave that in the middle. But it was so bad. All the message for that ex-coach was: the club is poorly run. He made a comparison with FC. The Champions. I was the Boma of Anderlecht. My thought”, threw Coucke still jokingly against it. “When we heard it we decided: we are not going to respond. Anderlecht is a decent club, and there were so many lies. But what we underestimated was that all those fans – who have already had a year that disappointed were looking – suddenly said the president, who does everything.”

“Hein wanted Sanneh”

But there is one interview on the basis of all criticism of Coucke and his policies? “The basis is that we play poorly”, also recognised the purple-white president. “That happens in clubs, but the thing doesn’t fire. He has lied. Legal action? Well, you need everything to go to the court steps? My proposal was to have one for his points to refute, but our communicatiecel wanted to let blow over. Next match: very large banner. ‘t here is FC The Champions.”

Coucke put the hand in his own bosom. For a while, anyway. “I’ve also got things done wrong, in the end I am the person in charge. But as far as the transfers are concerned: Sanneh is a good example. That was in the interview with the ex-coach. He said that Sanneh him was forced upon. It was so: we had a central defender is needed, and then scouting,for my coming neglected. They came up with five names. Then came the coach. That said, one of those two I want, the three other ‘no way’. The one played in the French second division and they asked 12 million. The other was Sanneh, also 12 million. Fifty times we have against the coach said to look at the other names to watch. There was one in that now, in France, every time to join and half of the time man of the match. He said no. We offer two million for Sanneh, they continue to 12 million questions. When we six million messengers, they are to ten drops. The coach said: “It is, perhaps, what become expensive’. I thought that also, so we asked him for other names to watch. On the penultimate day, drops the price Sanneh to 8 million. The coach wanted no other names and then I say: I want as president is not for those supporters without central defender and then I say yes. Is that my fault? That player had like 3 million come. That stamp, he must not continue to wear. The coach always has decided. Afterwards, you should not round zwartepieten. Really, that interview…. You need to take a look.”

“As soon as possible, champion”

The owner of the Belgian recordkampioen looked to exit and also go forward. “We have the entire sporting board replaced. There are now Verschueren and Frank Arnesen. In addition, there is Zetterberg with his knowledge of Anderlecht, and those three to go along with the scouting – that we build – all transfers do.”

Coucke had in the past will not miss a chance to get to the old board. “I can have no stone to throw”, he held the now braver. “There Was mismanagement? The answer is partly yes, but I should not lay all the blame of what’s happening now then stitches. If we better transfers had done, it was all different now.”

And when is Anderlecht back champion? “As soon as possible,” says Coucke.

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