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John McAfee claims with Bitcoin-inventor Satoshi Nakamoto “” spoken – Coin Hero

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John McAfee claims with Bitcoin-inventor Satoshi Nakamoto “to” spoken

Home News John McAfee claims with the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto “spoken” to have

Marcus Misiak –

Only Craig Wright, now John McAfee. The discus ions about who is behind the Sysnonym Satoshi Nakamoto, not tear currently. A few weeks ago Craig Wright, a leading figure has claimed to be behind Bitcoin, SV, that he is the inventor of Bitcoin and was kritisert from the crypto-Community. Now John McAfee is involved in the discussion and claims Satoshi knows and with him has spoken.

John McAfee, the inventor of the anti-virus software, who shares his last name, said that he “knows the true identity of Satoshi”. McAfee also added that he “100%” sure that it was not Wright. McAfee claims, that he would show up in the next week piece by piece, who has set the crypto-Revolution.

While many regarded this statement as a joke, it seems that McAfee’m not kidding. In a recent Bloomberg Interview, McAfee revealed that he will not reveal Satoshi due to legal, political, and physical threats. In fact, McAfee noted, however, that he “spoke with him”, and that Stoshi is not to try to be happy about the Revelation. In the (probably not entirely serious) Interview, McAfee said:

People forget that I am a technologist, I am one of the Best. My whole life I’ve followed people who are the best in the world are in the Hide your identity. To find Satoshi, it was a game for me.

Furthermore, he claims that he has actually talked with Satoshi, and the “technologist” has met with the Bitcoin Creator a nerve:

I have spoken with him, and he is not a happy Camper about my attempt to reveal it.

McAfee claims that his lawyer believes is due to an “imminent” request for Extradition to the United States that it is for his client might be dangerous, the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto preizugeben. As a “proof” has published the Antivirus inventor yesterday a letter from his lawyer via Twitter, by this is to confirm the statements.

“Only” Marketing and politics?

McAfee has already announced some time ago that it will apply as a US President in 2020. Skeptics therefore suspect that the “Satoshi-revelation” is nothing other than a way to keep his name in the spotlight. Maybe McAfee could advertise during his campaign with the promise that he gives the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto price. Just as a President would feel the Newly-Bahamier safe enough to return to the US and the unveiling. This sounds weird and crazy, would be John McAfee’s trust.

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