Jeroen Meus in tears: ‘I’m afraid’

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He is, as it were, 365 days a year with his face on tv, but until recently, no one knew in Flanders, what the great sorrow of Jeroen Meus was that the cook struggled. Last year, the tv cook during an interview that he had a setback in family get had to process.”I have deep sorrow for what my immediate environment has taken”, we read in the Day All of 27 november 2018. Only three months later, it would become obvious what that intense sadness was exactly: his brother Wim had cancer. Jeroen Meus had long enough been silent: in the summer of last year, Wim Meus to hear that he had cancer. Jeroen Meus was of the map when he heard the news. Moreover, he would a short time later with Wim Lybaert to Iceland for the filming of the second season of ‘Columbus’. These images were Tuesday night on One to see, and made immediately for goose bumps, a lot of viewers.

Enjoying a delicious glass of wine at sunset, enjoy Jeroen and Wim the stunning view on a vineyard. “It is double for me. It is also a weird moment in my life to do something like that. You know that my brother is seriously ill, he has metastatic cancer”, says Jeroen in the program. Wim is 41 years young, and the older brother of Jeroen. “Wim and I care but 15 months and I have a huge band with him. We are very yin and yang.”

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