Gezinsgeluk complete for Veerle Baetens

ce94da1860496d4fd0e8d1828c10d7a6 - Gezinsgeluk complete for Veerle Baetens

Veerle Baetens married two years ago, in all the silence with her husband Geert. She had first said ‘no’ when her partner asked her to marry him. And that caused quite the problems. “We are already 18 years together,” says Veerle Baetens at the table with Van Gils & Guests, so a marriage had best be waiting. And that was actually her own fault, dare the actress to admit. “When he asked me, I have no said. Then I did it three times again, must ask!” Veerle Baetens, the story of her marriage. Nevertheless, the couple is still blissfully happy with each other and the actress feels that her family is complete.

The couple has one daughter together, but a brother or sister for Billie-Louise is not there, says Veerle Baetens in the Story. And that is striking enough to be a purely environmental choice. “I have ever been to a second child thought,” reveals Veerle Baetens in the Story. “But that is really the biological clock that plays, because the rational was the decision already taken. And I have never had any regrets,” says the actress. “My husband Geert had a second child wanted, but our job was not successful. And to be honest: in purely ecological point of view, it was also the right choice.” Veerle Baetens is, after all, intensely concerned with its ecological footprint.

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