Death toll in the explosions in Sri Lanka rises to 359

8577d54bb498df8fe9b7ef72e2fdcb1a - Death toll in the explosions in Sri Lanka rises to 359

The slachtofferbalans after the bloody suicide bombings on Sunday in Sri Lanka is further increased to 359 dead. Several people in the attacks were injured, succumbed the last hours of their injuries. That, police said Wednesday.

More than 400 people are still in the hospital, some of whom really are.

In addition, according to the police a further 18 arrests in connection with the attacks. That brings the number of arrested persons on 60.

Islamic State (IS) has Tuesday the suicide bombings that claimed. Did the organization via Amaq, its official channel of communication. Evidence for that claim IS not, but terreurexperts had already guessed the hand of the grouping seen in the attacks. If it IS indeed behind the attacks, this would be the bloodiest attack of the terrorist organisation outside of Iraq and Syria.

“The perpetrators of the attacks, who are citizens of countries of the anti-IS coalition and christians in Sri Lanka viseerden, fighters of IS,” she said in the statement.

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