Apparently ordinary dive terrible

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Wetsdokters get in the 4th installment of the eternal question in quite a lot of sudden, unexpected deaths thrown at: died the victim of a natural death, or is it, perhaps, murder?

A diver is dead in the water. The man is, however, a highly experienced diver and even instructor. A seemingly ordinary dip those bad ends. That is an ideal fit for the hand of the law doctor Diona D’hondt. When the detectives conflicting statements to hear, the eyes still more focused on the law doctor.

Doctor Diona D’hondt: “Everybody assumes that someone who is in the water is found, drowned. But is that effective? If there is an other reason is, we must bring to light and hard. Therefore, we are getting further and further. It is really very difficult for offenders to no trace behind.”

Doctor Wim Develter has worked on the issue of the terrorist attack in Brussels, the tsunami in Thailand and the crash of the MH17 in Ukraine. He brings the story of a case that has him will forever remember.

Workers emit a strange object in the channel. It turns out the body of an unknown woman. People think of murder. Dr. Wim Develter on the spot. His findings have the answers and prove results. The fear of the people is already rather quickly confirmed by the law doctor.

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