A lot of resistance in the Netherlands against advent preacher that execution will for gays

37145a144f034b11ac2b2ae27dd6c7d8 - A lot of resistance in the Netherlands against advent preacher that execution will for gays

If the of several Dutch politicians and the lgbt interest group COC depends, is Steven Anderson, the access to the Netherlands will be denied. The American preacher, known for his anti-lgbt ideas, will on may 23 to visit Amsterdam.

“He has for us nothing to find in the Netherlands, the VVD Member of parliament, Dilan Yesilgöz is clear on Twitter: if it is of him and the Labour party colleague Kirsten van den Hul depends, is the visit that haatprediker Steven Anderson (37) from Arizona plant to Amsterdam, not. The two go into the subject in the Second Room, and also governing parties CDA and D66, and opposition parties SP and SGP his opponent of his arrival.

Anderson is the founder of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, who are against abortion and contraception and believes that homosexuality is a sin that God punished by death. The man gained national prominence after he in 2009 in a sermon had said that the United States would sail at the death of president Barack Obama.


The American human rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center put the Faithful Word Baptist Church on the list of hate groups after Anderson, in a sermon hypocrite had mentioned that murderers sentenced to death and gays are not. After the attack on gay club Pulse in Florida, responded to Anderson pleased to see that the world was delivered from 49 ‘paedophiles’.

In 2016, continued Botswana the preacher out of the country after he in an interview had called for the killing of lgbt people. Also in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and Jamaica that Anderson is not welcome.

Location sermon unclear

COC Netherlands is an organisation that stands up for the rights of lgbt people, wants the Dutch government to Anderson as ‘unwanted foreigner’ declares for incitement to hatred and violation of public order. ‘The United Kingdom referred to the refusal of Anderson to EU rules”, said a spokesman compared to NRC. ‘That the Netherlands can also do.”

It is not yet clear what Anderson, in Amsterdam to do or at what location he wants to speak. ‘That he seems to be more to do. To counter-reactions to avoid,’ says COC Netherlands in the Dutch newspaper NRC. Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema late already to figure out what the plans of the preacher and if he is invited by someone, or on his own initiative.

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