Tomas De Soete, returns to old love

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Seven years ago, Tomas De Soete, farewell to Studio Brussel. He made the switch to television where he and Freek Braeckman Café Corsari presented. But now eight of the spouse of Siska Schoeters the time is ripe to return to his old love…

Tomas De Soete, returns as a radio broadcaster, but on Radio 1 and not on Studio Brussel. Studio Brussels is a closed chapter for The Sweet. There, he is very clear about that. Tomas De Soete, tells The Newspaper the following about Studio Brussel: ‘I’ve been able to do everything, everything. I have the so great can end, Studio Brussel is changed, I am changed. Studio Brussels remains a teerbeminde transmitter, but I have said goodbye.”

Tomas De Soete is not afraid that he is the radio forgotten is: “Radio is like riding a bike: you lost it not so quickly.” Nevertheless, The Soete last month was an exciting moment. Wife, Siska Schoeters is currently one of The Madammen on Radio 2 and when Tomas her a few days if replaced, it was still just as exciting to realize that there are a million people to “The Ladies” to listen to. But Tomas De Soete knew immediately how much fun radio was. “How can it be that it was so long ago that I have done to you?” asked The Sweet himself after his brief interlude at Radio 2. The answer, however, is simple, remember Tomas De Soete, located in The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad: “I had the past seven years and always something else to do.” But from the 28th of april is the day. Then Tomas De Soete his big comeback on the radio.

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