Today farewell of Paul Severs

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Today, family, friends and fans say goodbye to two weeks ago Paul Severs. In Halle they have nothing left to chance. It is expected, today also quite a lot of people. So will the basilica Tuesday morning only accessible via a corridor (of nadars), who will start at the Joseph Possozplein. So a final salute, and goes not to the entrance of the basilica, but to the Joseph Possozplein. There is also a bloemenzone where supporters rouwboeket and the like may be deposited.
Whom a final salute has established, through the side exit of the basilica, returned to the J. Possozplein led. Here provides the family with a giant screen for people that the ceremony would follow. People who are not long able to stand up bring best a folding chair. The J. Possozplein is so dinsdagvoormiddag until the end of the funeral is closed to traffic and this from Vondel and the roundabout at the Put.

Between 7: 30 and 9u45 can fans in the basilica, a final salute to their idol. From 10 am the basilica is reserved for friends and family of Paul Severs. That way they can all rest a final salute and a funeral to attend which will start at 11.30 am. On a large screen, that the family has provided to the Joseph Possozplein, can the ceremony be followed. The end of the ceremony is provided around 12u40.

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