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The modesty splash back of the screen

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Tuesday night start on VTM, a new season of ‘Successful’, in which Catherine Moerkerke Belgian entrepreneurs abroad to visit. On Canvas is the latest episode of ‘Back to Rwanda to see.


Canvas 20 pm

Stijn Vercruysse reports from Sri Lanka, in Belgium, it is spoken with a priest and a sister from the country that is now in our country. Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) and Kristof Calvo (Groen) debate in the studio about the vermogensregister.


One 20.25 hours

Professor Rik Coolsaet gives an interpretation to the requisitioning of the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka by Islamic State. With the Ukraine-born former Flemish diversiteitsambtenaar Alona Ljubajeva is spoken about the presidential elections there. Also Pol Van Den Driessche (N-VA), at the election present as an observer, move on. Wielercommentator José De Cauwer will analyze the performance of the new wunderkind Mathieu van der Poel.


One 20.40 hours

Wim Lybaert retrieves the bus again from the vegetable garden for a round of laps with BV’s. Concept of the program: if you wait long enough, eventually something interesting is said.


Canvas 21.20 hours

Last episode of one of the most haunting documentairereeksen ever for the Flemish public broadcaster are made. For the necessary decompression ensures afterwards The ideal world, back in Vilvoorde, belgium after two weeks in Ostend.


VTM 21.45 hours

Cathérine Moerkerke followed last year, all successful entrepreneurs in Flanders, now attracts them to the hort with Flemish entrepreneurs that have success abroad. The modesty will pop out.


Canvas 22.15 hours

Eline De Munck scans by Jan Jaap van der Wal, and Thomas Huyghe to an ideal world.


One 22.20 hours

Kristien Hemmerechts and Johan Marchand: she lost two children to sids; he is a paediatrician at the university hospital of Brussels. They respond to the law doctor who yesterday in our broadcast sids in question. Marc Coucke had the acquisition of Anderlecht represented differently evil supporters and no European football. Veerle Baetens shines in a film, in which the spirit of the great master Alfred Hitchcock feel.

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