Tanja Dexters is once again under fire

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What is going on with Tanja Dexters? The former Miss Belgium retrieves the last months to give the press and this week, Dexter is once again under fire. For example, there was recently an accident on the highway E313 in which Tanja and her boyfriend were involved. The accident and, according to some sources alleged vluchtmisdrijf has raised a lot of dust. And now there is a new story that Tanja Dexters this week the cover of Day All. And it is not a nice story. Her good friend Guy gave Tanja Dexters, out of pity shelter but it resulted in a broken friendship after the destruction of a luxury apartment. “I got her from the street, but they put a knife in my back’, we read on the cover of the new Day All. Guy was left with an apartment that is worth much less. So was the floor full of urine and vastgekoekte dog poop and were in the apartment damaged seats found. And Tanja? That would, according to benefactor Guy the pedals lose. Admittedly, it is not a beautiful story in All. The fact that Tanja Dexters not make the effort to respond in the magazine, is telling. Her lawyer Alex Trappeniers let the magazine know. The accusations are, however, not tender. A few weeks ago, took Tanja’s twin sister Mieke the in Day still for her sister. According to Mieke would her sister, the ugly blame do not deserve. That some Tanja a bad mother call, according to Mieke completely unjustified. “While Valentina and her mum doodgraag see,” says Mieke. Since the rupture with her husband Miguel is the life of Tanja seriously changed. One week they for Valentina, the other week she is without child. And just that weeks would Tana not easy. According to Guy, its a luxury condo in the decision, Tanja a good mom. “She has a good heart and she is a wise woman. A good mom”, at least when Valentina is with her. When Valentina not Tanja, it changes its behave “loses Tanja, but all too often the pedals. And if they start to drink, it seems as if they other person is. It always starts fun, but then she makes lumps”, know Guy. He and his wife raised a loft available from Tanja, it was a luxurious kijkappartement which Tanja ambassador would be. It had to be the sales but it was a tragedy for the owner. There were complaints from the neighbors because their peace was disturbed by loud music. It went from bad to worse, eventually the owner no other than Tanja to ask the loft to leave. Normally, you leave everything behind in the state in which the building was, but that was not the case. ”What we all in my apartment was…I couldn’t believe my eyes. The maggots were behind the seats, the shower was nasty, and we had to literally the excrement of her dog and cat from the ground scrape. We also found in the apartment of stains from red wine, other drinks and urine on the floor. Also the sofa in the woonkamper is full of strange spots, it is expensive patio furniture is damaged, there are scratches from her dog on the door, … she’s a mess left behind”.

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