Sebastian Kurz distances itself from ‘racist poem’

631d4ac1ca87af02819a75975030059c - Sebastian Kurz distances itself from ‘racist poem’

In Austria is the fuss about a poem that was published in a local party newspaper of the radical right-wing regeerpartij FPÖ. Christian Schilcher made in his text, a comparison between rats and migrants. Chancellor Sebatian Kurz (ÖVP) dissociates itself from the poem.

In the poem, with the title Stadratte, migrants are exhorted to integrate or ‘fast walk’. “Just as we down here live, so other rats do that too. As a guest, or as a migrant, they must deal with us the way of life. Or otherwise quickly wegscheren’ is to be read in the poem. In addition, Forests that mixing of cultures is, ‘if your destroys them’.

According to Kurz was the poem ‘disgusting, inhumane and racist’. He calls the FPÖ, his coalition partner in the government, to distance themselves from the text.

Schilcher rose, meanwhile, resigned as vice mayor of Braunau-am-Inn, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. He had to know that he wanted to provoke, but no one wanted to offend or hurt him with his poem. The poem was intended to be the changes in the society to criticize ‘where I and others can’t support’. Schilcher apologises for his ‘historic immunity’. Used In the past by the Nazis, comparisons with rats as propaganda and painted them jews as rats.

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