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“Remarkable Max Verstappen is on the top of the can”

c64416e84a72751016e7433a4856e3b6 - "Remarkable Max Verstappen is on the top of the can"

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has let us know that he since the GP of Canada last year clearly shows that Max Verstappen has changed. His performance in the first races of 2019 he describes as “remarkable.”

After his difficult start in 2018 there was from some quarters doubted the ability of Max Verstappen to learn from his mistakes, even from his own team. Since his crash during the free practice sessions for the GP of Monaco is the young Dutchman almost flawlessly preserved.

“He has a remarkable job done,” said Horner at the ‘Sky Sports.’ “During his campaign last year he has from Canada a higher gear switched. He is now about at the top of his can and he enjoys the position which he now occupies.”

The Red Bull Honda is still not at the level of Mercedes or Ferrari but Verstappen has the best of it. His consistent performance gave him a third place in the standings to the world championships was completed and thus he keeps the two Ferrari’s.

“He has three strong races driven this year,” Horner continued.

“In Bahrain, he had bad luck that he just stood at the podium and in China, he has tried to Vettel after the second pit stops. Since then, he has a very mature race driven, and he is fourth.”

“At this stage it’s all about collecting points. The hole with the boys for us is not so great. At this moment, he is still third for the Ferrari drivers, and there is still a long way to go.”

“It is so important that we don’t have too much give away in this period of the year.”

Horner also believes that the best is yet to come for Verstappen. “The exciting thing about him is that he is going to develop and just gets better from here.”

“These are exciting times for the F1 to have someone like Max, the exciting talent of Leclerc, and we hope to see Pierre Gasly will soon also be in that list.”

“It is exciting to see how a new generation to the forefront,” concludes Horner.

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