Oil prices the height after the announcement US

Oil prices the height after the announcement US

Oil prices were today the height. That happened after the announcement that the United States put an end to the exemptions that countries allow Iranian oil to buy with no penalties imposed.

The White House announced Monday that China, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey as of may 2, no exemptions will get more, without U.s. sanctions Iranian oil to buy.

“This decision should the export of oil to Iran to zero return and as the main source of income for the regime draining’. That said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders Monday in a statement.

“The US, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, three of the largest energy producers in the world, committed to work together with their friends and allies for the global oils sufficiently supplied.”

Strict action

The decision to use the exemptions do not extend, as a victory for national security adviser John Bolton and his allies. Bolton had asked that the American promises to strictly act against Iran to be offset by the exemptions.

Bolton is known for his very hard look at Iran. As was known that he possibilities had been examined for military actions against Iran to take.

Renewal penalties

The Us president, Donald Trump drew the US in 2018, back from the nuclear deal between Iran and various world powers. By doing that, he renewed the sanctions against Iran and the countries that trade with the country

To ensure that the energy markets do not have been disturbed, which would lead to higher fuel prices in the US, the exemptions granted to the largest importers of Iranian oil.

According to a source close to the dossier would be for some of the eight countries, a short transitional period, apply to the import to stop.

Highest level since november of 2018

A barrel of Us oil posted Monday, interim more than 2 percent higher on 65,49 dollar. Brent, the benchmark for oil from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, increased for the American announcement almost 3% in price and was traded for 74,02 dollar per barrel. That is the highest level since early november last year.

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