New IRA admits Northern Irish journalist to have been shot, apologizes

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The militant Republican group the New IRA has admitted behind the murder of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee. The organization offers in a letter to the local media for her ‘sincere apologies’.

“During an attack on the enemy is Lyra McKee, who in addition to the enemy troops was, on the tragic way of life come’, according to the letter. The group also offers her ‘sincere apologies to the partner, family and friends of Lyra McKee’. The communication was verified as authentic by means of a codeword, reports The Irish News.

The 29-year-old journalist was Thursday shot dead in violent riots in the Creggan community, a suburb of the city of Londonderry also known as Derry, is mentioned. She stood next to the police and was struck by a bullet in the head. McKee later died in the hospital.

According to the New IRA were the riots prior to the death of the journalist provoked by the police. “We have our volunteers are dedicated to in the future when the attacks of the enemy to be extremely cautious. There are also measures taken’, it sounds.

The New IRA conducts an armed struggle for a united Ireland and reject the Goedevrijdagakkoord of 1998, which made an end to three decades of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, the so-called ‘Troubles’. That demanded more than 3.600 dead.

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