‘Most important is to Notre-Dame now against announced rain to protect’

22b72c459c07b302e04c82444911c4ca - ‘Most important is to Notre-Dame now against announced rain to protect’

More than a week after the devastating fire in the Notre-Dame join the beveiligingswerken within the cathedral into a new phase. Tuesday started with a tarpaulin to put on the more than 850 year old cathedral, whose roof was mostly destroyed.

‘It has the highest priority to the cathedral against the announced rain to protect”, stated architect Philippe Villeneuve to nieuwzender BFMTV. A large tarpaulin over the cathedral stretched around the short term for more water to protect.

In the longer term, a kind of huge umbrella to the cathedral shelter. This is a stable structure, that the craftsmen should be possible to make it work. Moreover, it is begun with the installation of safety nets to the huge rose windows of stained glass. The hundreds of years old windows have survived the devastating fire.

French positive about donations

Meanwhile, says two-thirds of French people in a survey are satisfied with the high donations for the reconstruction. This is evident from a survey of the peilingsinstituut Odoxa. More than a quarter (28 percent) believes that the donors themselves only in the spotlight want to place.

Shortly after the fire promised French miljardairsfamilies and businesses an awful lot of money for the reconstruction of the cathedral. In France began immediately a discussion, especially with regard to service organisations or social services for every euro have to fight.

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