Kushner calls Russia-dossier ‘a big distraction’

8433eb72fa663f9ce1f50736e6320fcc - Kushner calls Russia-dossier ‘a big distraction’

Jared Kushner, son-in-law of the American president Trump and one of his advisers, for the first time has responded to the report-Mueller around the Russian interference in the American presidential elections.

For Kushner went the possible manipulations of the elections by Russia not further than ‘a bundle of Facebook ads. The entire Mueller-research to that effect, he does now as ” a great diversion’.

Jared Kushner said one and another during the ‘Time 100 Summit in New York that revolves around the publication of the list of the magazine with the 100 most influential people in the world.

The research of the Russian intervention, and the many speculations about it have a much heavier impact on our democracy than the bundle Facebook ads, according to Kushner.

‘We have for two years been dealing with that nonsense and the only thing the report-Mueller is absolutely clear about is, is that there was no cooperation between the Russians and the Trump campaign. And the same I say for two years.’

Remarkable statements from the report-Mueller clearly shows that the Trump campaign, for example, toejuichte via Russian hackers all sorts of incriminating mails licked on the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her staff.

Even more: according to certain passages tried the Trump campaign, the hands on the personal of Clinton. That would have happened during a highly-publicized Trump Tower Meeting on June 9, 2016, which Trumps son Donald Trump jr. and his lawyer, Paul Manafort, a meeting with a Russian regimegezinde advocate. Calculated also Jared Kushner was present.

Donald Trump himself stated consistently that he has nothing to do with that meeting, but in his written message to Mueller replied he is misleading about the exact purpose of the meeting.

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