Jannes Coessens leave Home

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The viewers at Home, put themselves in the last weeks several times the question of whether Stan is still in the picture would come up. The ever oh so exemplary son of a doctor, Judith has the last few months seriously hung. Stan was in an institution, abused his mother (who, among other things, bruising on left) and is in a psychiatric center. When some weeks ago it became clear that Stan was responsible for the bruises to doctor Judith, got Jannes Coessens nothing but compliments on the social media. His character Stan was a youth who, the way in which Jannes the emotional scenes played, earned accolades at the address of the actor. But what the viewers did not know is that they Jannes will no longer see. Day All writes this week that Jannes the soap leave. The reason for this? The studies of the 19-year-old actor. “The storyline of Stan is quite grown, so I also got more rehearsals, shoot days, and preparatory work”, says Jannes this week in All. But James may be one and the other one no longer combine with his studies, and stops after 7 years with at Home. “I woke up from my decision. It is a decision that I would rather not took”, the actor further. For the makers of at Home, there was nothing for it but to find a replacement search, and which was found in Lennart Lemmens, currently to be seen in Campus 12 of Ketnet. The 22-year-old Lemmens has more experience because he presented all VTM Kids/VTMKZOOM. Soon it will be Lennart for the first time in at Home. “I’m ready for the reactions of the audience. It will not be for everyone it is just as easy, but I give people the time to do this switch to get used to it”.

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