Factcheckers: you can Tripadvisor easily to the garden?

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In a new Factcheckers wants Thomas Vanderveken know or TripAdvisor easy to get the runaround. He opens his own fake restaurant. He is able to fake reviews TripAdvisor to the garden to lead and move up the rankings to hit? Britt Of Marsenille find out if mice prefer cheese to eat, because that seems to be a myth. And Jan Van Looveren examine whether teleshopping-products are life is so much easier to make, such as the many advertisements claim.

When Thomas goes on holiday, he used often to TripAdvisor to find a hotel or restaurant to book. It is very useful: you give the name of the restaurant or hotel, check the reviews, and they are good, you can book a table. But more and more articles claiming that the reviews are not reliable. Fake even. There are also stories of owners who for their own shop a positive review to write. TripAdvisor seems so easy to the garden. But is that actually so?

Thomas: “I attach for years of importance to the opinion of other people about hotels and restaurants for me somewhere book. But are those reviews checked? Because if not, then you make the owners, of course, very easy to make their own case on a good leaf.”
Thomas takes the test and wants a fake restaurant popular on TripAdvisor. He makes a nepaccount, writes fake reviews, and tries to get his non-existent case higher in the ranking of TripAdvisor. He is able to get these fabricated reviews to post without that TripAdvisor thing? And touching on this way, people interested in the restaurant?

The story takes him so far that he for one night really a restaurant opens. With a nervous Britt and Jan as a cook in the kitchen. They fall through the basket or on the end of the evening, good reviews?

Mice eat it, prefer to cheese, know that the smallest child. And yet Britt on the internet a lot of articles that say that that is not the case. Strange, because people associate mice with cheese. Britt will find out and soon comes to know that mice are omnivores and if they have a choice, not for cheese would go.
Britt: “I learned it as a child in cartoons like Tom and Jerry: cheese is the favorite food of mice. In my head, that was just a fact. But now was online the contrary is claimed. I had mice needed, and cheese!”

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