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Delferière responding for the first time on Operation ‘clean hands’

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Referee Sébastien Delferière and his lawyer Louis Derwa Tuesday the counter used in the file around Operation ‘clean hands’. In an interview with the RTBF gives Derwa that Delferière a good relationship with football agent Veljkovic, but that there is, according to them, ‘a few lines about his feature’.

Referee Sébastien Delferière was in October, have been charged as part of Operation ‘clean hands’, the large-scale judicial investigation of fraud, corruption and criminal bendevorming in the Belgian voetbalmilieu. Delferière still enjoy the presumption of innocence, but is indicted for participating in a criminal organisation, money laundering and privécorruptie. Before on 10 October, the voetbalschandaal broke out, gold Delferière as the number one of the Belgian scheidsrechterskorps.

The allegations of Sébastien Delferière are based in part on his friendship with agent Dejan Veljkovic. From leaked phone conversations revealed that Delferière regularly had contact with him, one of the leading figures in the case of clean hands. Both of them called each other several times a day and Delferière would also be benefits and gifts have received from the football agent who spijtoptant has become. So could Delferière with discount buy a car and he received sponsorship for a football school.

Friendly relations

“Mr. Delferière hidden not that he relationships maintained with mr. Veljkovic”, his lawyer Louis Derwa Tuesday to the RTBF. “Just as he relationships maintained with all actors of the football. Whether clubleiders, clubs, colleagues. If you are in a professional environment active, you develop, over time, automatically more or less friendly relations with colleagues or people that you often see.”

“I’m surprised that there (on that friendly manners, ed.) few rules are provided or contractually stipulated. In addition, I have to admit that there are limits. Mr. Delferière is there enough of awareness and peace of mind knowing that he has limits may be raised’, continues his lawyer.

Also on his personal Facebook page, responding Delferière on the scandal. “For all the clarity… Yes… the 90 minutes per day, and I miss lot… my assistants… the players… coaches… board members… supporters… I’m going to prove that I don’t illegally have done!’

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