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Clubs respond to claim bondsparket: ‘This is complete madness’

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KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren respond bemused at the penalties that the bondsparket progresses against the clubs for attempted match fixing. ‘Degradation is, according to the bondsreglement not even possible, ” says Malinwa. Beerschot Wilrijk see first class again come closer.

The Belgian football association has its disciplinary investigation into the suspicious matches KV Mechelen – Waasland-Beveren and Eupen – Mouscron completed, and the bondsparket requires, among more degradation for Waasland-Beveren and no promotion for KV Mechelen.

“We are amazed at the requested sanction by the bondsparket because we know that we as a club are innocent,” says majority shareholder Dieter Penninckx, in a communication of KV Mechelen. ‘In addition, if one wants a relegation of the club, from 1A to 1B, which, according to our reading of the bondsreglement is not possible. That speaks of all sorts of possible penalties, but for degradation, the claim submitted before 15 June of the season of the alleged attempt or act of competitievervalsing, so for June 15, 2018. That have us different lawyers confirmed.’

Waasland-Beveren: “Earlier victim than abuser

Also Waasland-Beveren say they are ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the action of the bondsparket. “We hadn’t expected that the club approached was going to be,” says press spokesman Martijn De Jonge. “We are rather victims in this case than the perpetrator. There is asked us to work on something that’s not allowed. We have 100 percent afgeketst. Yet we, as offenders against.

“We still have faith that there is a correct case law will follow’, emphasises The Young. ‘The claims. It gives a perception that it is in their eyes something is going on, but I can confirm once again that we have no active or passive act. The claim is in our eyes complete madness.’

Lokeren, the regulatory descender from 1A, would be due to the degradation of Waasland-Beveren in the highest division. If KV Mechelen not to 1A is allowed to graduate, would the vacant place to the opponent in the barragewedstrijden. Beerschot Wilrijk. Lokeren, meanwhile, has access requested in the files, Beerschot Wilrijk wait.

Beerschot Wilrijk: “For months preparing for 1A’

Still lives at Beerschot Wilrijk the hope now even more to continue in 1A to get to the hotel, after the club previously through sporting road in the sand and bite in the test matches against KV Mechelen. “On this news were we had long to wait’,” says owner Francis Vrancken in a first reaction. “This is obviously very good news for the whole Beerschotfamilie. Finally we get a place where we belong, in 1A.’

‘Since so many months, we were convinced that this would happen and that these statements would fall, we have all that time to us also prepared for the scenario that we next year in 1A would come true, ” explains Vrancken. “I that context, we can now already stretched to the bijsteken. We will soon decide what steps and in what order we put in our further preparation.’

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