Ajax seems to be on the way to thuiszege on Vitesse

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Ajax seems to be on the way to thuiszege on Vitesse

April 23, 2019 17:47
23-04-19 17:47
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The 32nd matchday in the Eredivisie began on Tuesday at 18.30 with De Graafschap-FC Emmen (1-0), after which sc Heerenveen-VVV-Venlo (2-2) and AZ-Heracles Almelo (2-1) have followed. At 20.45 hours was the kick-off at Ajax-Vitesse. Follow everything in this liveblog.


  • Ajax-Vitesse (4-2)


  • Graafschap-Emmen 1-0
  • Heerenveen-VVV 2-2
  • AZ-Heracles 2-1

Ajax-Vitesse · a few seconds geleden88′ Vitesse is not giving up yet. The visitors, chasing a third hit, but the offensive seems to come too late.Ajax-Vitesse · 6 minutes ago81′ GOAL Vitesse! 4-2

Is it still exciting in the Johan Cruijff ArenA? Matavz gives the ball perfect for Darfalou, Ekkelenkamp trumping and the 4-2 binnenkopt.Ajax-Vitesse · 8 minutes ago80′ GOAL Ajax! 4-1

Tadic makes from eleven metres no mistake and scores his second goal of the evening.Ajax-Vitesse · 9 minutes ago,79′ Penalty Ajax!

Maikel van der Werff plays to put it mildly, not the best match of his career and now retrieves Ekkelenkamp down. Ajax may take a penalty.Ajax-Vitesse · 12 minutes ago

Dusan Tadic is only the second player who scores in nine thuisduels in a row of Ajax in the Eredivisie. Jari Litmanen scored in eleven consecutive thuisduels in the Premier league from september 1993 to march 1994.Ajax-Vitesse · 17 minutes geleden71′ Vitesse after the hit of For hope on a good result. A shot distance of Bero is klemvast caught by Onana.
Ajax-Vitesse · 20 minutes ago

Ajax (159 goals) will break the record of AZ in a single season more than 158 times to score. AZ had this record since 1980/1981 in the hands. Ajax after today, at least five duels: two in the Champions League, two in the Eredivisie and the KNVB cup final.Ajax-Vitesse · 22 minutes ago67′ GOAL Vitesse! 3-1

Out of nothing does Vitesse back! Navarone Foor volleert the ball with a bounce into the far corner behind Onana.Ajax-Vitesse · 27 minutes ago60′ goal Ajax disapproved!

The VAR clears the hit of Ajax! Ziyech went one-two with Dolberg in the VAR a couple of inches offside should have stood.Ajax-Vitesse · 29 minutes ago59′ GOAL Ajax! 4-0

Hakim Ziyech is the one-two with Dolberg and dribbles very simple for the 4-0 in the goal.Ajax-Vitesse · 30 minutes ago58′ GOAL Ajax! 3-0

It comes after hard in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The Is the headline in touch from a corner and put the 3-0 on the scoreboard.Ajax-Vitesse · 34 minutes ago55′ GOAL Ajax! 2-0

Tadic makes from eleven metres no error and pops the 2-0 in the net.Ajax-Vitesse · 35 minutes ago54′ Penalty Ajax!

What a for violation of Dauda, who Is very flashy at the ground attracts. Ajax may take a penalty.
Ajax-Vitesse · 36 minutes geleden52′ another great chance for Dolberg, though this possibility a lot more difficult. Veltman will give the ball to, and then the Dane, with an ultimate attempt his leg against the ball. His commitment, however, goes next.Ajax-Vitesse · 41 minutes geleden47′ What a miss from Kasper Dolberg! Van der Werff slide the ball just in the feet of the Dane who eye-to-eye with Pasveer high on and next to the goal, shoot.Ajax-Vitesse · 42 minutes geleden46′ The second half starts.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour ago

Hakim Ziyech makes his sixteenth goal of the season. Only in 2015/2016 made the Moroccan international, with seventeen hits, more League-goals, then on behalf of FC Twente.Heerenveen-VVV · one hour ago

Heerenveen got all 69 goals against this season. Not previously had the ‘Marbles’ in one season as much as hits to collect.Heerenveen-VVV · one hour ago

Past! OT saves by a late goal from substitute Sem Steijn, the son of trainer Maurice Steijn, a point in Heerenveen: 2-2.AZ-Heracles · one hour ago

Past! AZ wins of Heracles and stands firmer on the fourth place in the Premier league.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour ago

Peace. Ajax stands by a hit of Ziyech earned the lead against Vitesse: 1-0.Heerenveen-VVV · one hour ago89′ GOAL in OT! 2-2

What a moment for the seventeen-year-old Sem Steijn! The son of VVV-trainer Maurice Steijn fails in his second Eredivisie match of close to 2-2 against the ropes.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden44′ The free-kick from Ziyech is weggestompt by Pasveer.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden43′ Serero spuds Dolberg down. Ajax may be a dangerous place in a free kick.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour ago41′ GOAL Ajax! 1-0

Ajax comes just before half-time to lead! Tadic reserves from the right side of the overview, achieved Ziyech, that are very free running and the 1-0 against the ropes, shoot.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden35′ Ajax on the hunt for the openingsdoelpunt. A free-kick from Ziyech is right next to it.Heerenveen-VVV · one hour ago,76′ GOAL Heerenveen! 2-1

Vlap put Heerenveen with a rake header for the second time this evening and again on lead.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden28′ Ajax calls. Of the Stream reaches Dolberg, but gave doekhi some firm kicks defends excellently and prevents that the Dane can shoot.AZ-Heracles · one hour ago,66′ GOAL AZ! 2-1

A cross from Seuntjens shoot Gudmundsson first on the pole, but in the rebound, however, touch. The home team has for the second time tonight a lead over the competition.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden20′ The biggest opportunity of the contest is for The Lies! The defender rising from a corner over everyone and everything, but sees his header turned by Pasveer.Ajax-Vitesse · one hour geleden17′ Ajax has it in the opening phase tricky with Vitesse. The defense of the visitors is excellent. The leader has no chance created.Heerenveen-VVV · 2 hours ago56′ GOAL in OT! 1-1

The staaat equal again in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Substitute player Cave takes on and completes chillingly close.AZ-Heracles · 2 hours geleden55′ Koopmeiners seems AZ the lead, but his bet is after the intervention of the VAR disallowed due to offside.Ajax-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden8′ The first shot on goal of the contest is for Vitesse. Clark shoots right on Onana.Ajax-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden1 ” We have started in the Johan Cruijff ArenA! Ajax-Vitesse is on the way.Kitchen Champion Division · 2 hour geledenDe homage of FC Twente is in full swing. Yesterday, the ‘Tukkers’ champion in the Kitchen Champion Division.

🙌🏻 #TwenteKomtEraan 🔴


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen20:41 – 23 april 2019Ajax-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Since the advent of Linssen to Vitesse, were in all the duels without him, the points will be forfeited:

April 2, 2019: Vitesse-AZ (2-2)
February 10, 2019: FC Groningen-Vitesse (2-1)
30 september 2018: Feyenoord-Vitesse (2-1)
February 24, 2018: VVV-Venlo-Vitesse (2-2)Heerenveen-VVV · 2 hours ago

Peace. Also the players of Heerenveen and VVV go to the tea. Halfway through the 1-0 by a goal of Vlap.AZ-Heracles · 2 hours ago

Peace. AZ and Heracles to search the dressing rooms with a 1-1-intermediate.Ajax-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Bad news for Vitesse. Bryan Linssen is still before the match starts off with hamstringklachten. He is replaced by Mohammed Dauda.Heerenveen-VVV · 2 hours ago

For the first time, scoring two players of sc Heerenveen at least fifteen times in one Premier league season: Sam Lammers and Michel Vlap were both fifteen time accurate.AZ-Heracles · 2 hours ago42′ GOAL Heracles! 1-1

Kuwas benefit of fumbling around in the Alkmaar defence and shoot just before half-the second half against the touwen.De Graafschap-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Past! The County wins by a hit from Fabian Serrarens 1-0 to FC Emmen and should hope for direct enforcement. The ‘Superboeren’ are three points behind of FC Emmen. The County (-29) also has a better goal difference than FC Emmen (-33).De Graafschap-FC Emmen · 2 hours geleden90′ What a rescue of Bertrams! The goalkeeper reacts very well on a header of Kuipers.De Graafschap-FC Emmen · 2 hours geleden88′ Can FC Emmen defeat still occur? The visitors are explicitly searching for the equalizer, but it’s still not to score.Heerenveen-VVV · 2 hours ago –28′ GOAL Heerenveen! 1-0

Michel Vlap shoot the ‘Marbles’ on lead against VVV.Ajax-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Vitesse against Ajax with Danilho gave doekhi some firm kicks for Vyacheslav Karavaev and Navarone Foor for Alexander Büttner. The people from arnhem opt for a 5-4-1 set-up.

Vitesse: Pasveer; Bero, gave doekhi some firm kicks, van der Werff, Clarke-Salter, Clark; Ødegaard, Serero, Foor, Linssen; Buitink.De Graafschap-FC Emmen · 2 hours geleden81 ” What let FC Emmen lying! Axe let yet another chance for the visitors unexploited. He shoots from close-at Bertrams.Premier league · 2 hours ago

AZ opens for the 24th time, the score this season, only Ajax did that, with 26 times more often. AZ equals the number of openingsdoelpunten of last season. The last time that AZ more often the score opened, it was in 2008/2009, the kampioensjaar (27 openingsdoelpunten).Back to top

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