VTM follows successful Flemish entrepreneurs abroad

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Successful Flemish entrepreneurs in the foreign country follows starting Tuesday, april 23, five entrepreneurs ‘among us’, that Flanders left for what it was and their dream went chasing abroad. Of Indonesia, along Sri Lanka, over Cape town to Chile. How is it to do business and to live in exotic locations? How have they managed to be a successful business to build abroad? And: is there a downside to the medal?

Nour Adinne Ayyoub (51) is a Moroccan-Belgian from Antwerp. His father came to Belgium as a guest worker and Nour Addine was born as the oldest of 7 children. Nour Addine bluffs, is located within in a computer course at the VDAB, where in fact a diploma is required. Twenty years ago he goes his happiness find in South Africa. He comes with nothing more than a backpack and starts from scratch an IT company. The business is going well, so well that in 2014 his company can sell for as much as $ 400 million. Now he wants to conquer the world with a company specializing in artificial intelligence and he dreams of a journey into space. His employees call him not for nothing that the South African-Flemish Elon Musk.

Pierre Pringiers from Kortrijk, built in Sri Lanka a bandenimperium that he sold to the group Michelin. Since then, its reinvests his fortune in the Sri Lankan economy. 73 he is in the meantime, but still possessed of the enterprise. One of his latest projects is the construction of a luxurious zeilcruiseschip which he maritime tourism in Sri Lanka wants to establish.

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