Two suspects dead, a Northern Irish journalist released

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The Northern Irish police to two young men Sunday night released that were suspected in the investigation into the death of journalist Lyra McKee. The two are not in suspicion.

The two men, eighteen and nineteen years of age, were arrested under the anti-terrorism legislation and questioned in Belfast. In their release, the police have a new call to testify.

“I know that there are people who know what happened but are afraid to make themselves known. But if you have information, even though it is not much, is to take contact with the police’, says commissioner Jason Murphy in a press release.

The 29-year-old McKee was Thursday night shot dead during riots in Londonderry. According to the police she came to when a man opened fire on the police when a search warrant held in the catholic neighborhood of Creggan. There were also about fifty molotov-cocktails thrown at the police.

Saturday and told Murphy that he suspected that the ‘managers’ of the death of the young journalist members of the New IRA, a dissident group of the IRA, which calls for a reunification of Ireland, and no violence gentle.

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