Tuesday special program with Lieve Blancquaert

48afb6ceb28b821cca246650cd239e85 - Tuesday special program with Lieve Blancquaert

In the week of april 22, brings One to four specials of existing programs, in which people share their story about cancer to share with Flanders.

On Tuesday 23 april at 21.30 pm, a special episode of A day to remember.
In the photo studio of Lieve Blancquaert people have, as it were, “make an appointment” with a loved one they have lost to cancer. To the memory to keep alive and to once again “together” on the photo. But also to share their stories with Dear and with the viewers and to deliver a message of hope and zest for life to spread. “In the past, I would never have done,” says Roselinda De Meyer, “but now everyone know how I like my man to have seen.” It is for all of a day never to be forgotten.

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