Tuesday morning comes Radio Evanna start

8b296fa1e95c19a1ad2fcc97f7b3c72a - Tuesday morning comes Radio Evanna start

As if six weeks of prime tv on a boat is still not stressful enough, Gert and James from 23/04 also every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, breaking into the Ochtendshow of Kim and Michael. Between 7am and 8am you can hear on contemporary radio NRJ the pirates of Radio Evanna to work. With their guests, and their headstrong style, challenges for the NRJ DJ’s and completely wrong jingles. Or the happy ending every week, we don’t know but that it is surprising ambiance is, you can be sure.

James Cooke: “ Radio is one of my childhood dreams coming true. It will be a lot of energy questions, the will occasionally miss, but I already know that both Gert and myself as our bootgasten with a lot of fun what used to go up to crazy things to do in the air ”

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