Tomas De Soete, happy with first fiction series

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Tomas De Soete, make soon a comeback with the fiction series Fiskepark. The creation of this project was a difficult case. “When I ‘Fiskepark’ began to write, it was the first time in my life that I had to ask: ‘And what will I now do?”, he says in Humo. “A damn tricky question, because in the past there was always íéts my direction, feeling content. I had no idéé what I wanted. I had just eight years after each other every day, a new program is created: the first five years in the morning at Studio Brussels, after three years ‘Café Corsari’. Every day again I got my report in the form of listening and viewing figures. It was something different. Something that I could no longer carpentry.” The result is a rather bizarre series, one in which the corpse is found, Bent Van Looy. And then the dolls to the dance.”

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