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The women have the say in Winterfell

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Winterfell also has in the second episode the protagonist to tackle. This time no sneaky smiles of Cersei Lannister, mercenaries, or ships from the Greyjoys. Anyone who wants to fight against the dead, repte as the wiedeweerga to the North to be present. But it is mainly the women that this episode will steal the show.

Spoiler alert: the following article is about the second episode of the eighth season of Game of thrones.

Jamie – ‘the things we do for love’ – Lannister came at the end of the previous episode to the castle in Winterfell, where he is a staarwedstrijdje did with Bran. He was as expected not super warmly received by Daenarys (Jamie killed her father, The Mad King), and Sansa (he took her father, Ned Stark, caught). Ultimately, it is the noble Brienne, or Tarth that are skin comes to save. It cannot escape us that the the women are that play the major role in this episode, Jon at the end with the honor walk.

Start at the beginning: the love. The splashing sparks already there in the previous episode between Gendry and Arya, and that last decision no grass to grow. They are seeking Gendry’s experience with the women, and then completely for. She wants to know how ‘it’ feels for them the battle with the dead goes on. Her statement, ” Your pants should you switch off’, go directly to the list of favorite quotes.

‘What about the North?’

Daenarys decides to have a charm offensive to enter and the Chance to win. With the right combination of compliments and tactical talk, she thinks that the Lady of Winterfell easy to persuade, but to see Sansa through. “Imagine that we the dead beat, and then Cersei. What happens with the North?’, she wonders.

A question which for now remains unanswered, because they are interrupted. Daenarys is watching how Sansa in the arms of Theon Greyjoy flies, which promises for her to fight. It challenges the Daenarys that the North, and the Seven Kingdoms by extension, a tangle of relationships? Relationships where they are not per se part of it, because they are years in exile?

She feels an outsider when see sees that Sansa Brienne’s opinion, blindly follow, when the recording for Jamie? Jamie Lannister, the Kingslayer, the brother of her hand, Tyrion is eventually included in the army. He wants to fight for Brienne, and that becomes clearly a sensitive chord with her.

Ser Brienne or Tarth

Jamie and Tyrion decide another one to drink before they go to battle. Their tête-à-tête is extended when Brienne and Pod, Davos Seawordt and Tormund Giantsbane are come warm up by the fire.

Tormund does his best to Brienne to decorate and assures her that he is her ‘at least 10 times a knight would save if he was king’. As Jamie is not doing and he decides Brienne the honor to know her for a long time was due: he saves her knight. So is she the first female knight of the Seven Kingdoms.


But how about now with the imminent rise of the dead? The wildlingen come with bad news, for the sun rises is the day. All hands on deck, you would think, but Jon has a different plan. He wants the Night King from his dorm room and then lure, in the hope that the war is suddenly over. And then Bran with the revelation that the Night King, he could always find it because he is a kind of marking on his arm. So he decides himself to give up as bait. Theon Greyjoy will protect him. (Theon, really!?).

Daenerys finds her lover shortly before the big battle in the crypt, staring at the statue of Lyanna Stark. Just when you think that Jon its never the truth will tell, is he still on the come up. “This great secret comes from your brother and best friend?’, is an appropriate response from Daenerys, but their conversation is interrupted by 3 blows of the horn: white walkers coming. Daenerys is clearly not set up with Jon’s revelation that he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. She walks away from Jon on the battlements of Winterfell: maybe his strong claim on the Iron Throne.

The last season of Game of thrones will be aired on Play by Telenet.

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