Swoop celebrates 18th birthday in style

ba4489d98cb0736c7ceb74789656ec56 - Swoop celebrates 18th birthday in style

2019 is a year of celebration for Swoop. This year, the party band, with frontman Filip D haeze namely 18 years. Just recently, the renewed Swoop perfectly from the start with Eva, Andrea, Joyce, Yenna, and Filip. It will be a very busy year for the group with many performances and culminating in the evening of 16 november. So then that 18th birthday is celebrated in Salons Mantovani, Mandrel 1 to Oudenaarde. The new album will be proposed during this ‘Bal Masqué-show’.

There are three ticketformules: VIP GOLD costs € 75 and includes the show, a reserved seat in the first section of the hall, a half bottle of Champagne per person and the menu ‘Bal Masqué’. VIP SILVER will cost € 50. The inclusive benefits are, of course, the experience of the show, a reserved place in the second part of the hall, a half bottle of Cava per person and a large catered tapasbord. VIP BRONZE finally, costs € 25 and gives you access to the show ‘Bal Masqué’.

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