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Stock exchange Zaif starts after the shareholder change back

Home News stock market Zaif starts after the shareholder change back

Matthias Nemack –

Hacker attacks had added Zaif customers in the past year, damage. Customers should finally be paid compensation and the stock exchange re-opened.

The final solution took months

With the stock exchange Zaif from Japan it was caught in the late summer of 2018, a further Asian crypto-platform: The company had to confess its customers with a quite serious attack by hackers. The offender had stolen only the Bitcoin in the million value. In addition to capital in Bitcoin reserve in Wallets in the following currencies: Bitcoin, Cash, as well as the less well-known monacoin have been affected.In total, the damage amounted to the equivalent of just over 53 million euros, had been stolen from the Wallets of the customers and the platform.

Compensation plans are finally implemented

Against one of the perpetrators under investigation for some weeks, here is a young Hacker who had hacked the current messages according to the for the monacoin storage developed Wallet Monappy and then seemingly monacoin worth about 15 million Yen deducted. Zaif had to stay close because of the investigation and of the resulting damage, once its doors. Relatively early in the autumn of 2018 – had brought the operator is already a stock sale as a solution to the compensation measures into the game. Said compensation of the customer is now to be made in Fiat and crypto-currencies.

Customer will receive a refund in Coins and real money

At a proportion of 40:60, as the starting date the stock market is called currently the 23.04.2019. As previously announced, will be procured much of the money through a sale. The previous operator Tech Bureau gave the business to current Report of the company Fisco Digital Asset Group. The stock market can open in time. FDAG paid for the majority share of five billion Japanese Yen. The example shows that there is, therefore, solutions to address the problems after the hacker attacks. Concerned can withdraw to exchange information from tomorrow’s money.

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