Russia: ‘Ukraine can be reset to commit’

693d36de99ace4f7d67e77cfd6845ab7 - Russia: ‘Ukraine can be reset to commit’

Ukraine has the opportunity to make positive changes that society as a whole, according to Russia after the victory of Volodimir Zelenski in the presidential election.

That said the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday, after the first results of the presidential elections had pointed to a defeat for the outgoing president Petro Porosjenko, and in favor of the comedian Volodimir Zelenski.

“Ukraine can be a reset to implement. Not money from some things to other to flow. But a real, where the need is recognised for the people to unite – not under compulsion but by a national agenda to develop, ” said spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, in a press release.

Zakharova noted that many Ukrainians in the conflict in the east, where pro-Russian separatists are active, could not vote. She said that the Ukrainian leaders not to ‘millions of citizens ‘ votes to deny’.

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