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“Lewis Hamilton is an F1 superstar, but he is not loved”

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According to former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone will get five F1 champion and current world championship leader Lewis Hamilton to little recognition for his achievements. Despite his record poleposities and his many victories seems to be Hamilton that trend, yet not be able to return, something that Ecclestone is very unfortunate.

“There is no reason why he would not be able to succeed,” replies Bernie Ecclestone, as opposed to ‘The Telegraph’ on the question of whether Hamilton’s record of seven F1 titles, Michael Schumacher would be able to break.

Despite his many extracurricular activities in addition to the Formula 1, Hamilton has an own clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, is Hamilton is very successful in Formula 1. I will Hamilton also often a lot of criticism to handle, something that Bernie Ecclestone is very unfortunate.

“Lewis is fantastic, of this there is no doubt. In addition to his activities in the world of fashion, he seems to have the Formula 1 now almost as a hobby to consider,” said Ecclestone. “He is the only real karakterkop in the sport, it is a pity that there are not two or three riders like him in Formula 1.”

According to Ecclestone, is Lewis Hamilton at the same time good and bad for Formula 1.

“Lewis is the best and the worst that the Formula 1 can happen,” Ecclestone continued. “The best because he is the Formula 1. The worst because it is so much attention to itself attracts, though it is not his fault.”

“I would not dare to say that someone is greater than the Formula 1 as a sport, but he is definitely bigger than all the other riders, even than any team.”

It does Ecclestone to a remarkable conclusion: “We have an F1 superstar in England, but whether he is loved? I don’t think so.”

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