Iraq veteran does throw to the American presidency

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A new Democratic candidate for the U.s. presidential election of 2020 is risen from the dead. The number is almost 20.

‘Because we have Donald Trump to beat.’ Therefore, the Iraq veteran Seth Moulton to his own words, ” candidate for the presidency. The number of candidacies for the democrats is almost 20.

Moulton (40) announced his candidacy in a Youtube video. He begins as the underdog in the race to the White House. He is a congressman from Massachusetts without a major national prominence in the USA, or without a long record of service. He was only in 2014 for the first time elected.

Stricter wapenwetten

‘Decades of division and corruption, our democracy is broken, and Americans of their voice robbed, ” said Moulton in his video message. “While our country is going forward, continues to Washington, anchored in the past.’

Moulton wants to tackle climate change, ” he says in the video, and he wants the U.s. economy to grow by focusing on green and high tech jobs.

Moulton is for the legalization of marijuana and is also in favour of stricter wapenwetten. He finds that citizens are not military weapons would be allowed to possess.

Criticism on war in Iraq

From 2001 to 2008, Moulton is a part of The Marines of the American army. In 2014, when he was in the politics went, he had a lot of criticism on the war in Iraq, where he was sent.

Moulton took a master’s degree in business and public policy at Harvard University.

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