Greta Thunberg in London: ‘Politicians who do nothing do not get away with it’

9aa924f973dce10a07ce5e8e8e409b55 - Greta Thunberg in London: ‘Politicians who do nothing do not get away with it’

The Swedish klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg is Sunday and received with great enthusiasm by the Extinction Rebellion movement in London.

The attendees cheered the sixteen-year-old Swedish klimaatactivistes with ‘We love you’ at the Marble Arch, where they collect had blown. Thunberg hammered again on the lack of political will to combat climate change.

‘For far too long come the politicians and the rulers to get away with them to not do anything against the climate and environmental crisis, ” said Thunberg. “We are going to ensure that those that do not succeed.’

Humanity is at a turning point, says Thunberg, the symbol of a generation of young people who through schoolstakingen climate action wants to enforce. “Today We gathered because we have chosen to have a way to save. We now hope that others will follow our example.’

Extinction Rebellion and the scholierenprotest will make a difference, ” she said. “We will not cease to fight for this planet and for ourselves, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.’

After a meeting with pope Francis on Friday in Rome took Thunberg to the train to London. They would be the socialist party leader Jeremy Corbyn, and meet with the president of the greens, Caroline Lucas. Also, she would speak in the house of commons of the parliament.

‘Ready to break’

The group Extinction Rebellion, which began on Monday blockade-actions in London to an ‘ecological emergency’ requirements, has Sunday, declared a ‘pause’ in the weld if the British government agrees to open negotiations.

If this opportunity does not intervene and refuse to negotiate’, the actions ‘in a very creative way’ to proceed and will only increase, warned a spokesman of the group, James Fox.

Extinction Rebellion has three requirements for Great Britain: the proclamation of an ” ecological and klimaatnoodtoestand’, the elaboration of an action plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 ‘to zero to reduce’ and the creation of a ‘burgerassemblee’ who, with the help of scientists about klimaatkwesties pronunciation.

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