Government of Sri Lanka announces state of emergency

303499f6b8dc1810915d7fe5ae88578b - Government of Sri Lanka announces state of emergency

For the sake of ‘public safety’ goes to Sri Lanka, from midnight, the state of emergency. Meanwhile, the police in a bus station in the capital, Colombo 87 detonators of bombs found.

By the state of emergency to promulgate, the security services special powers. ‘That is certainly to the police and the army to enable the public safety’, as stated in a communication of the presidency. The state of emergency is going in at midnight (20.30 pm (Belgian time).

Earlier was already announced that there will be a new curfew will be set in the capital, Colombo: residents are allowed between 20 hours and 4 hours not left their homes.

At the same time, for Tuesday a day of national mourning was announced. Sunday lost, at least 290 people killed in a series of suicide attacks on three luxury hotels in Colombo and three churches.

The government has Monday, with the finger pointed to the local islamist group National Thowheeth Jama’ath, but who has the responsibility, so far, has not been claimed.

In the meantime, also became known that the police 87 detonators of bombs has been found in a bus station in the metropolitan district of Pettah. There was also a bomb found in a van near a church. In the destruction of that bomb was followed by a new explosion.

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