Bodies of three well-known climbers found in the Rocky Mountains

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The bodies of the three well-known climbers who were missing since Tuesday in the Canadian Banff national park Sunday found.

The three, American Jess Roskelley (36) and the Austrians Hansjörg Auer (35) and David Lama (28), got lost in a tricky climb in Banff, in the Rocky Mountains. They tried the east side of the mountain Howse Peak to climb. It is suspected that they are carried away in an avalanche.

The emergency services went through the air looking for the three climbers, described as ‘professional and highly experienced bergatleten’. ‘On Sunday, april 21, were the bodies of three climbers recovered’, according to Parks Canada, the Canadian national parkdienst, that his sympathy with regard to the relatives of the victims.

“We would also have a huge impact want to recognize these events at the very close-knit community of local and international climbers.’ The searches through the air, launched a day after the disappearance of the three climbers, had earlier discontinued because of the risk of new landslides and dangerous conditions.

Youngest on the roof of the world

Jess Roskelly was the son of John Roskelley, who is considered to be one of the best mountaineers of his generation. He climbed the Mount Everest together with his son, Jess, in 2003. That last was at that time only twenty years and was the youngest man on the roof of the world.

David Lama and Hansjörg Auer were known as the best of their generation, according to specialized sites.

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