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Bitcoin price volatility has increased by 200 % – Coin Hero

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Bitcoin price volatility has increased by 200 %

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Marcus Misiak –

The Bitcoin price volatility has increased in the last few days, and has eight in the last 30 days, even tripled, after Bitcoin has broken the $ 5,000 mark.

The volatility of the Bitcoin price has risen, according to the in the last 30 days by almost 200 percent from a month low of 1.26 percent, to 3.31. Currently, volatility is at 3.54 per cent. The volatility increase is seen in close connection with the Bitcoin price rally, BTC/USD in just one hour, to 22 percent in the amount of shot and the crypto-currency has risen for the first Time in 5 months over $ 5,000.

Since the increase at the beginning of April, the Bitcoin price moves in a relatively narrow range between 4.900 USD and 5,400 USD in the midst of optimistic forecasts, and other indicators that could point to a bottoming out.

The volatility index of Bitcoin measures the price movement of the Bitcoin price in the last 30 days. Currently, the volatility is 3.54 percent, and, hence, the highest value for the past 3 months. Overall, the volatility of the Bitcoin prices have declined over the years but continuously. In fact, in 2018, despite an 80-percent loss in Value of the USD one of the least volatile periods in the history of Bitcoin. Last year, the volatility index of the BTC remained under 4 percent. The only exception was January, 2018, as the crypto-currency market reached its peak in market capitalization with over $ 800 billion and a sharp decline in under the $ 6,000 mark experienced.

The data of the last 8 years show a significant decline in total spot price volatility. In spite of the more than 80-percent changes in the Bitcoin price in the year 2018, the current fluctuations are nothing compared to the first few years of Bitcoin, where the price has moved in a single day, easily +/- 100 percent.

For many critics, the extreme volatility of Bitcoin is one of the main criticisms of Bitcoin. The strong price fluctuations, the Argument goes, mean that it had developed any money – which is why Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin originally, is because the transferred slimming counter – value in USD within seconds (or rise). At the same time a high level of volatility, pleased many investors and traders, since, especially in the volatile days in comparison to the Rest of the year, the highest returns can be achieved.

One way or the other, the increased volatility, however, speaks for an increased interest in Bitcoin.

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