Bart Kaell see Celine Dion as a fake artist

5c996815b80a7278acc26b41e4ed44cd - Bart Kaell see Celine Dion as a fake artist

Bart Kaell is already more than forty years together with Luc Appermont. Kris is wondering, music, or something with their first meeting. “Luc came with his then girlfriend along in a café in The Cock. I worked there as a waiter for a little bit of money to earn. I was already involved with music and I also dj. So, we are talking hit and I gave Luc my card. The very first time that I am with Luc have agreed we have somewhere to go to lunch. He came to pick me up in a white Volvo in which a cassetje with beautiful music emerges. It turned out that Luc cassetje just in the car had gotten. That song is our song. If that passes on the radio, I am instantly catapulted to that time in the Volvo,” said Bart Sunday, frank on Joe.

Kris talks to Bart about festivals and concerts: “I remember a concert of Celine Dion where I is gone am in Frost. I’m almost afraid to tell, but I’m going to do it anyway. I had a piece of that concert on tv and I sitting there in the hall. After four songs I am left. It was not really, I thought that was all fake. I can’t really say because then bruuskeer I the fans of Celine Dion, but everything she did on tv was just the same in Frost. That was all played, I don’t like the American ready-made that do not come from the heart”, reveals Bart.

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