Bad guy, Family, heart surgery

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Where is the time that Dider the Art of The bad guy in ‘Family’ was? A while ago, the actor even put in the flowers by VTM, and that on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the station. The viewers of VTM had Didier The Art, namely, voted as the best villain. But almost had Ronny Waterschoot his Golden Eye not receive. The actor escaped a half years ago at the death. After a long and tiring filming for the series ‘STHLM Requiem’ decided Ronny at home to just lay back in the sofa. “I poured me a whiskey’tyou to what to get, but suddenly, I felt a huge pressure on my chest,” says the actor in All. The pain was not normal and new for him. “‘t Was pretty tough. I was terrified that something serious was. My wife Mieke and I are straight to the emergency room pulled. There I was referred to the cardiologist, which is a scan of my heart showed make,” says Ronny Waterschoot. The 73-year-old actor tells that there is on that scan, however, nothing was to be seen. Eventually, there had to be over the wrist and a camera are inserted, and therefore showed some narrowing in the light. “To dilate a stent placed in the coronary artery to my heart. A procedure in less than an hour, but now is the acute danger has gone,” smiles the actor. At this moment Waterschoot still some of the narrowed arteries however, doctors leave that for the time being undisturbed. The heart problems have ensured that Waterschoot his burgundian life goodbye has said. “I’m recently not a drop of beer. In the weekend dare to Mieke and I still have a bottle of cava open. And in a restaurant, we drink like a glass of wine. But always in moderation”, it sounds. Since the new year is Waterschoot 10 kilos to lose, he hopes another 10 kilos to lose. “I have all my life, too much smoking and drinking. But that’s over. I want to have a while to last,” beams the actor in All.

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