Attacks Sri Lanka requirements all 290 lives

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In the attacks on easter Sunday in Sri Lanka are 290 people to the life and 500 other got injured. This is evident from a new balance of the local police Monday.

Sri Lanka was Sunday morning 8.45 a.m. local time rocked by six explosions, which were aligned. The attacks were directed against luxury hotels and churches in which Easter was celebrated. They took place at different places in Sri Lanka. A few hours later two more explosions, then the police, the fugitive offenders had identified and wanted to pick it up.

The attacks were still not claimed, though the police were already 24 people arrested for their involvement in the explosions. According to prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, it would be all from Sri Lanka are coming from. With the help of the international community will be examined whether they have ties abroad.

‘Evidence for possible attack’

The Sri Lankan secret service had, according to the prime minister for the explosion of easter Sunday indications of a possible attack. It should be examined why there is no appropriate measures were taken, said Wickremesinghe in a televised address.

A curfew which was imposed from 18 to 6 hours, is not extended, but the access to social media remains blocked ” in the interest of the investigation’. Schools will have until Wednesday to remain closed and government buildings are extra secured.

Sri Lanka, where in 2009 a 26-year-old civil war was ended, had been recently a resumption of violence as the tension increased between the buddhist majority and the moslimminderheid. Last year was the state of emergency even declared. Only seven percent of the population of the Asian island is christian.

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