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Vietnam builds solid party after F1-demo

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The Red Bull F1 team has in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi as an F1 demo. Thus it showed the Vietnamese people once get a taste of them next year to expect: a own F1 race.

Within about a year in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi for the first time an F1 race was organized. When Red Bull decided they, however, do not wait and then they had on Saturday a successful F1 demo. For the F1 demo was also a part of the future F1 street circuit used.

It was former F1 pilot David Coulthard and Aston Martin-driver Jake Dennis, who is around the national My Dinh stadium, an F1 demo gave. With a V8 engine that powered Red Bull RB7 tore through the streets.

The local population was already ecstatic when they the F1 cars through the streets saw the tears and a deafening sound is heard.

“It is great to once again with the Red Bull RB7 to be able to drive and that energy to the audience to behold,” said Coulthard after the giving of the F1 demo, and just for a hearty party would erupt.

“It was fairly warm and I think the public is now fully warmed up for the dj set of Armin Van Buuren. After our efforts at the job we now show how the Formula 1 party builds!”

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