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The evolution of F1 cars through the years (1950-2019)

1f0377f74c91f658c34bfa412bdf0f5b - The evolution of F1 cars through the years (1950-2019)

In China found last weekend the 1000th F1 race. F1 cars are on that thousand races time has changed dramatically, as evidenced by the following video …

In addition to the evolution of the F1 cars you see at the top how the wheel of the F1 cars have changed from a simple round wheel to a high-tech steering wheel with dozens of buttons.

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EVOLUTION: From race one in 1950, to race the 1000 this weekend ?0?? ?j???? . #F1 #Race1000 #Formula1 #History #ChineseGP #Motorsport #Engineering #Technology

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