Reactions after thuiszege PSV in a thrilling titelrace

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Reactions after thuiszege PSV in a thrilling titelrace

21 april 2019 12:15
21-04-19 12:15
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Matchday 31 in the Premier league was on Sunday closed with a 3-1 victory of PSV at ADO Den Haag. Excelsior and Willem II shared earlier in the day the points (1-1) and Fortuna Sittard won the home of NAC Breda (2-1). Read all of the responses back in this liveblog.

Final standings:
Excelsior-Willem II 1-1
Fortuna Sittard-NAC 2-1
PSV-ADO 3-1PSV-ADO Den Haag · 7 minutes agoPast!

PSV win 3-1 ADO Den Haag. The Locals win by hits of Dumfries, The Young and Times. ADO seemed the right time even more exciting by a hit of Necid, but could not strongholds. The victory comes in PSV points, equal with leader Ajax. The goal difference of Ajax is much better.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 10 minutes ago

90′ GOAL PSV! 3-1

There is the liberating third hit for PSV. Donyell Malen throws the duel in the slot with a header. For Times, his is the fourth in injury time, he scored after the 90th minute this season.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 12 minutes geleden90 ” There will be 5 minutes in the Philips Stadium. Is it still exciting?PSV-ADO Den Haag · 15 minutes ago88′ GOAL ADO! 2-1

With his first ball contact makes Tomas Necid thrilling. The Czech tap close touch with still a few minutes to go.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 20 minutes ago83′ GOAL PSV! 2-0

Substitute player Gakpo breaks through to the dead ball line. With a splendid cross which he finds Luuk de Jong. It is goal number 27 for the captain.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 23 minutes ago

78′ Guitierrez shows itself directly. With a shot distance, he gets the audience on the banks.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 25 minutes geleden74′ There is Érick Gutiérrez. The midfielder replaces Bergwijn. Also Cody Gakpo is within the lines, he lost Sadilek.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 26 minutes geleden74′ The game is silent for a moment. A collision between goalkeeper Zwinkels and Luuk de Jong delivers an injury to the keeper.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 36 minutes geleden65′ Now try Sadilek the of far. The successful PSV but in dribs and drabs to to well-played opportunities.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 39 minutes ago

62′ The audience in Eindhoven sings meanwhile, Érick Gutiérrez. The Mexican is still on the bank, in addition to trainer Van Bommel.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 44 minutes geleden57′ PSV place a quick counter. Bergwijn see his team-mate over the head and so does this outage is nothing.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geleden51′ A nice little factoid: PSV equals the Premier league record through the first 31 speelrondes in any duel to score. That was as yet only Ajax in 1997/1998. Never scored a club in all matches of a Premier league season.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geleden49 ” The first danger is directly from PSV. Luuk de Jong blasts into the hands of Zwinkels, after a cross from Viergever.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour ago,46′ Second half is started

ADO has kicked off for the second company. There are no substitutes.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geledenIn the rest took the PSV-public farewell of Joshua Brenet. The defender from Hoffenheim took over last summer after six seasons of saying goodbye.

Thanks for everything @joshuabrenet! 👏🏾


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen17:46 – 21 april 2019PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geledenPSV gives rarely a head start after resting hands in the Philips Stadium. In the last nine years, won PSV’s only one Premier league-thuisduel not after a head start at peace (W76-G1-V0). The last time this happened was on February 17, 2018: PSV-Heerenveen 2-2 after 2-0.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour agoto REST.

PSV with a 1-0-lead to the locker room. A great chance for Erik Falkenburg after I manage to ADO not to the PSV really hard to make.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geleden39′ And there is Bergwijn again. His shot rolls in addition to the purpose of Zwinkels.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geleden36′ PSV switches quickly to Lozano. The Mexican will find Bergwijn, but his header goes just in front.PSV-ADO Den Haag · one hour geleden35′ Despite the 1-0 deficit remains ADO rigidly defend. The gamble on a quick breakout.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden27′ Erik Falkenburg gets a great chance in the second half. At the second pole in a headline he, totally free, in addition. Trainer Groenendijk counted him already.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden25′ By the opening goal of the Dumfries retrieves PSV the foot slightly of the accelerator pedal.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago19′ GOAL PSV! 1-0

Denzel Dumfries dribbles the 16 feet inside and shoot the ball into the far corner. The ADO defense stands there and watches it.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden15′ The successful PSV, despite the veldoverwicht, not to good opportunities in the opening stages. ADO Den Haag has the defensive organization is in good standing.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden9′ ADO-goalie Zwinkels is sitting on the ground. After a little treatment he may again proceed.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden6′ Luuk de Jong is close to a shot. The captain slides out if he wants to shoot.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden4′ PSV ADO tries direct pressure to convert. The visitors play handsome under the pressure.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago1′ And we are los

Times has kicked off in Eindhoven, the netherlands.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geledenDe players of PSV draw the final sprints for the duel with the ADO begins.

Ready ✔️
🔜 kick-off.


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen16:35 – 21 april 2019PSV-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geledenPSV the three points this afternoon, very much needed in the battle for the championship title. The arrangement allows the attacking intentions of the Locals. ADO on the other without pressing play in the Philips Stadium. These are the setups:

Preparation PSV: Zoet; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Angeliño; Rosario, The Young, Sadilek; Lozano, Times, Bergwijn.

Setup ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Malone, Baker, Cannon, Meijers; After all, El Khayati, Gorter; Becker, Falkenburg, Goossens.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 2 hours agoAfeglopen!

Fortuna Sittard wins with 2-1 from STOKE and puts a large step in the direction of enforcement. For NAC, the degradatiezorgen bigger and bigger.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 2 hours ago90′ GOAL NAC! 2-1

Mitchell to Peace makes the aansluitingstreffer. Can the still for NAC?Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 2-hour geleden88′ With the 2-0 outcome seems to be a very difficult job to be for NAC. In the last three games will play the team from Breda against Feyenoord (home), Wigan (from) and PEC Zwolle (home)

16. Excelsior 31-27
17. The County 31-26
18. NAC 31-22Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours ago80′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-0

With a nicely placed shot from outside the penalty area seems to Mark Diemers the game decide. It’s his second hit of the afternoon and his seventh of the season.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden80′ Lars Hutten comes into the team at Fortuna Sittard. He lost Balic for the last part of the race.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden76′ bump NAC Fortuna goalkeeper Koselev. A beautiful shot of llic splashed apart at the fists of the goalkeeper.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geledenADO-goalkeeper Zwinkels also comes with this lovely weather with bare legs to the outside.

There is Zwinkels! #SupahKeepah 👐


AuteurADO The Hague 🔰Time of plaatsen16:01 – 21 april 2019Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden71′ There was the chance for the 1-1. NAC player Short come eye-to-eye with Koselev, but shoot the ball right at the keeper. Also in the rebound, he gets the ball in the goal.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden70′ is Still an attacking change at NAC. Kastaneer comes into the squad for defender Karami.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden68′ And a chance for the home team. El Messaoudi sends Stokkers way, but who finds Benjamin Leather on his way. A good operation of the NAC goalkeeper.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden66′ El Messaoudi and blasts it just over. Fortuna gets more and more space in the conversion.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden65′ An attacking change of Ruud Bread. Lundqvist is to the side and his replacement is Rosheuvel.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden61′ Peace will only go on Fortuna-goalie Koselev, but the striker let the ball of his foot jump.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden57′ A good attack of Fortuna turns to nothing. Pinto gives the ball to, but know of no opponent to be found. Both teams are looking for more a more the attack.Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours geleden52′ NAC penetrates more in the beginning of the second half. To Peace gets a chance, but misses the ball completely.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geledenPSV put the chase on Ajax in with Luuk de Jong on the midfield. Times takes his position in rush hour.

➡ Times
⬅ Ihattaren
Go get them boys!
Unity is power


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen15:39 – 21 april 2019Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours ago,46′ The ball is rolling again!

The players are back on the field for the second half.PSV-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geledenADO Den Haag hopes the with the following players PSV as difficult as possible.

🔰 The setup! Donny Gorter has his first goals of the season to tackle, Kyle Ebecilio is in the selection. Come On The Hague! 💪 #psvADO


AuteurADO The Hague 🔰Time of plaatsen15:18 – 21 april 2019Fortuna Sittard-NAC · 3 hours ago

Mark Diemers is the man of the first half. In a moderate duel makes its hit until now the difference.Back to top

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