Pope Francis: ‘Syrians should be safely back home able to times’

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The paastoespraak of pope Francis for hundreds of christians at St peter’s square, was the sign of deadly violence in Libya, South Sudan and Syria. He expressed also his sadness after the attacks in Sri Lanka.

Pope Francis Sunday during his traditional easter-season message ‘urbi et orbi’ (to the city and to the world) called for peaceful solutions for the conflict in Libya and to ensure that Syrian refugees again to return home.

“Weapons must stop the cause of massacres in Libya, where since a few weeks again helpless people die and where many families their homes have to leave,” says the pope, from the balcony of St. peter’s Basilica. ‘I call on the parties involved to opt for dialogue instead of repression, in order to avoid the wounds of a decade of conflict and political instability be re-opened.’

Saturday and blazed the violence in Tripoli, after the troops loyal to the government of national unity in an attack phase had been announced against the troops of general Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan capital city to conquer.

Also regretted the pope in his easter-season message that the Syrian people is the victim of a war that goes on last, and which we are at risk of and with indifference to respond.

“It is the time to make the commitment for a political solution to renew, which leads to freedom, peace and justice, that the head provides to the humanitarian crisis and to ensure that the displaced persons to safely return home’, says pope Francis.

The pope spoke of the conflict in South Sudan, and called on president Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar again in order to make the atonement of the nation. Both leaders have recently met during a spiritual retreat in the Vatican. Then said the pope, that he hoped that the hostilities in the country will stop and the ceasefire is respected.

After his ‘urbi and orbi’ came the pope also reflected on the attacks of Sunday morning in Sri Lanka, including at three churches, with more than 190 deaths.

“I want the christian community who have been affected while they were together was to pray, and to all the victims of the terrible violence, let them know that I with all my heart on their side stand,” said Francis.

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