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Ostend sends Kangaroos with a thirties home

c863ebce5ade0cec6878d7eaecd32b68 - Ostend sends Kangaroos with a thirties home

Filou Oostende in the first half of the season twice lost to Kangaroos Mechelen, this weekend the dots on the i put. The titelverdedigers won twice, with talking figures: 59-74 in Mechelen, and at Easter at home with 97-67.

With three bombs of Sports, Love and Barton continued to Kangaroos Mechelen quiet (15-13) in the wake of Filou Ostend. Kesteloot with a duo tweepunters the score had opened, heard quickly two errors. Thompson and Djordjevic realized at 21-13 an initial rupture. After a three pointer by Djurisic exceeded Ostend still in the openingskwart the difference of ten units: 27-15.

In the second quarter scored Vranes is smooth but just as easily, he gathered three errors. At the kustploeg suffering Mwema under the same error rate. Ostend seemed to 37-19 Kangaroos with hair and skin to eat. That was not the view of Love that is the difference herleidde to 43-31 something for the rest.

In the third company formed seven early points from Thompson, the base of the twenties that Kesteloot at 57-35 with a bomb from the left corner on the board. The West-Flemish population continued to be very efficient in their attack round. As appeared already in the 27th minute a thirty (70-39) on the scoreboard.

After the half-hour (76-50) gold in the fourth quarter especially for the game systems improve and the minutes to distribute. Substitute player Lambrecht made the most of his seven minutes to ten points at 100% to draw.

FILOU OOSTENDE: (39 65 4 10 triples, 15 to 20 vrijworpen, 13 errors) SCHWARTZ 5-0, DJORDJEVIC 4-2, THOMPSON 11-13, KESTELOOT 4-7, FIELER 2-3, Williams 6-4, Lambrecht 0-10, Mwema 0-6, Desiron 6-1, van der Vuurst 0-0, Djurisic 7-6.

KANGAROOS MECHELEN: (29 to 69, of which 6 to 24 triples, 3 to 4 vrijworpen, 19 errors) CHEATHAM 0-4, BARTON 5-2, LOVE 11-10, OLAH 7-6, CREPPY 4-0, Kanda 0-2, Vranes 4-0, Bogaerts 0-5, Iarochevitch 0-7.

QUARTZ: 27-15, 18-16, 31-19, 21-17.

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