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NBA. Sixers, Rockets and Bucks are one victory from second round play-offs

Philadelphia, Houston and Milwaukee are one victory away from qualifying for the second round of the play-offs in the North American professional basketcompetitie (NBA). They made it to the Saturday of, respectively, Brooklyn, Utah and Detroit. Denver, second in the Western Conference after the regular season, brought the state to 2-2 in the game with San Antonio.

Philadelphia pulled with 108-112 to the longest end in Brooklyn, thanks to more impressive Joel Embiid (31 points and 16 rebounds). The Sixers are now leading 3-1.

Milwaukee posted a uitzege in Detroit: 103-119. The best team of the regular season now leads with 3-0. Seven players from Mike Budenholzer got more than ten points behind their name. Khris Middleton (20 pts), Brook Lopez and Eric Bledsoe (19) were the best shot.

In the West the 2-2 between Denver and San Antonio, after the 103-117 of the Nuggets on the floor of the Spurs. In the winning camp was Nikola Jokic for 29 points.

Houston finally recorded a 101-104 victory at Utah. The Rockets had James Harden, a lesser day, with ‘only’ 22 points, including 14 vrijworpen. For Utah, that at a 3-0 deficit gaze, threw Donovan Mitchell 34 points through the basket.

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