Milow speechless at the new versions of his songs

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With 730.807 viewers and 35,9% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live+1) has the fifth season of Love for Music start is not missed. All songs in episode 1 were immediately discussed, streamed and downloaded. Of the classics of Bart Kaëll on Monday 22 april 2019 to the international repertoire of the Netherlands. 2019 its jubilee year, because exactly 10 years ago, it all started for him in Europe after a “life changing” concert hall Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Milow see this evening as a gift, but is also very curious: “It is the first time that somebody really takes the time to have their own version of my songs.” Milow tells the other artists, how his career high flight took – among other things due to a last minute concert at Werchter where he had the audience completely in his hand was and how his stage name came.

The Love for Music Milow of his dad: “He has ensured that we have grown up in a house where many tools were, without any obligation. But if you 100 times along a piano runs, you go for the 101st time, sit down and start to play.” What many do not know is that the song is Way Up High has written for his father who, in 2008, very unexpectedly passed away. A very intense period for the young Milow, who is extremely grateful that his father’s concerts of his successful record Coming of Age, however, has seen: “He enjoyed immensely. It has me especially do put into perspective that music also, but music is. It is also very important to each and every day to enjoy.”

Jan Leyers bites surprisingly the ball rolling with a French-speaking, a melancholy version of You Don’t Know. Milow can especially appreciate: “This is the most beautiful cover version I ever heard of this song. My father had this also undoubtedly beautiful found.”

Building Bridges is a song Milow wrote shortly after his father had died and one of his lievelingsnummers. Ilse DeLange performs it while the emotions in her very high “because I have the sense of loss also so well know”.

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