Josje Huisman change eating habits thanks to pregnancy

8a2a81ce75d56272450587cdc1c4b0dd - Josje Huisman change eating habits thanks to pregnancy

Josje Huisman was three years back veganiste, but in the meantime, she has her diet re-adjusted. “I think it was radically changed on vegetable food. From one day to the other,” she says to The Newspaper. “I noticed a lot of advantages: on my body, to my energy level, my mindset. When I became pregnant, I ate another vegetable. I ate more vegetables and fruit, but I watched barely on my proteins and fats. I just thought: Ha, it’s a vegetable, it’s good. I got during my pregnancy, however, suffer from skin problems and thought that I have an allergy. When I heard that I my balanced diet through the years, what had been neglected. My energy was in the negative and had to be very fast in the plus, because I have a baby in my belly. Now I combine animal and vegetable food. I think of what my body needs and in the meantime also a little bit on what the world needs.”

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