Farmer seeks Woman Around The World start with extra-long episode

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More info, more facts, more insight into their life and even longer portraits of the farmers! On Sunday 21 april, Dina Tersago and An Lemmens back with an extra-long kick-off episode of Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World, with new footage of Stephan, Gerard, Etienne, Marianne and Victor.

Over the past week were Dina and An the viewer each day, a brief introduction to the 5 Flemish farmers abroad this year in search of the last puzzle piece of their happiness, namely, a cool, Flemish partner: Victor (25) from Bulgaria, Marianne (40), of Finland, Etienne (55) from cape Verde, Gerard (43) from Germany and Stephan (33) from Canada. Sunday they are presented to the viewer. Interested ladies and gentlemen can still respond and their interest in a date with one of the farmers let me know.

Victor from Bulgaria is half boer, half entrepreneur. He has his family ondernemersbloed inherited, but had a personal interest in agriculture. By a lot of study and work, he has the onerous farm in 5 years successfully expanded to the biggest farm in the region. In addition, he sometimes still have time to exercise and to travel, often to his family, anywhere in the world. By all that travel is Victor never with a Flemish girl. He finds it important to speak the same language. Where a girl his heart can conquer is “a stable character. Anything more is a bonus. If I stress too much or work have, I want to be able to count on someone with whom I get on the same wavelength. It’s time to settle down.”

In Finland Marianne together with Dina and the dogs run, and leave her the control of the huskyslee take over. That partner must be a real hondenman, but must, therefore, do not cooperate on the huskyfarm: “There is here something to do: he can work in the hotel, as sneeuwscootergids, chef or handyman,… if he but of the nature and of the dogs… and me.” After the cold, the snow and the fantastic trip serves Marianne Dina a meal with, of course, reindeer meat. And to really to relax in the evening, there is the Finnish jacuzzi. There, expresses Marianna her deepest wish: “I am looking for someone who is strong in character and physically, but with a peperkoeken heart. I believe in love and in soul mates.”

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