Boss of anti-migrantenmilitie arrested in the US

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The boss of an armed militia, which the American-Mexican border patrolled in search of migrants, has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms. That made the FBI Saturday known.

The defendant, the 70-year-old Larry Mitchell Hopkins, nicknamed ‘Striker’, is the leader of the United Constitutional Patriots, a small, heavily armed group which mainly ex-soldiers. The group wants to patrol the border between the American state of New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua to the limes wall, from Mexico is that president Donald Trump has promised.

“This arrest by the FBI clearly shows that the well-trained police are law enforcement and not armed freebooters,” said the attorney-general of New Mexico, Hector Balderas. He called Hopkins ” a dangerous criminal that not with weapons would be allowed to loiter in the vicinity of children and families.”

The Mexican minister of Foreign Affairs pressed at the same time, his ’deep concern about the harassment and extortion of migrants by militias on the border with New Mexico. “This type of practice can lead to violations of human rights of persons who are migrating or seeking asylum in the U.S., ” he says in a press release.

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